2021 Mud Run Fall Session

2021 Fall Session will start the week of September 7 and will run for five (5) consecutive weeks.

Cost is $65 per session (includes 5 classes). Financial aid available.

Registrations will be on a first come/first served basis.  All registrations must be completed online. 

Online Registration:

To avoid prior registration issues, we are staggering registration by class level.

Registration for PLAYer level classes will open on Tuesday, August 17 at 1:30pm.

Registration for Par, Birdie, Eagle & Pee Wee/Parent level classes will open on Monday, August 16 at Noon.

2021 Fall Session Class Schedule – Mud Run Golf Course & Driving Range
TuesdaySeptember 7 – October 5Pee Wee & Parent (SOLD OUT)4pm to 5pm12 kids
TuesdaySeptember 7 – October 5PLAYer (SOLD OUT)5:30pm to 7pm12 kids
TuesdaySeptember 7 – October 5PLAYer (Teen) (SOLD OUT)5:30pm to 7pm12 kids
WednesdaySeptember 8 – October 6Birdie (SOLD OUT)5:30pm to 7pm24 kids
ThursdaySeptember 9 – October 7Par5:30pm to 7pm24 kids
SaturdaySeptember 11 – October 9PLAYer (SOLD OUT)10am to 11:30am24 kids
SaturdaySeptember 11 – October 9PLAYer (All Girls) (SOLD OUT)12:30pm to 2pm12 kids
SaturdaySeptember 11 – October 9Par (All Girls)12:30pm to 2pm12 kids
SaturdaySeptember 11 – October 9Par3pm to 4:30pm24 kids